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Thread: Dead development?

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    Question Dead development?

    Up to September of this year, the development of the app has been quick and various positive changes has changed for the best.
    However, since September 6... nothing. No news. No new betas...
    The only thing there has been is a new version of the desktop software with minor tweaks and updates.

    I wonder what's going on. Is development dead?


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    Re: Dead development?

    Development not dead, I just have too many projects requiring my attention, and I am not good at multi tasking, so one project has to wait while I work on another.
    Major updates are being prepared, for both foobar2000 mobile and desktop, right now.

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    Re: Dead development?

    Thanks for the answer!

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    Re: Dead development?

    Saw some news for v1.1 back in December. Is that version coming along for iOS, can't wait to try it.
    Love foobar mobile btw

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    Re: Dead development?

    Well? Any news? This has been a bit too quiet for a while...

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    Re: Dead development?

    @TinchoX As you can see in the latest news, Peter is currently working on foobar desktop version.

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