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Thread: Unicode playlists

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    Unicode playlists

    I had to give up on the iTunes-based library on my iPhone being remotely useable and go full FTP, so I also transferred some M3U playlists to the FTP folder. These playlists are saved as Unicode and some of them have Japanese characters. When I open them in the app, any song that has those Japanese characters has them replaced with garbled character codes and, consequently, can't find the actual file it's supposed to point to. There is no easy solution to this at all. The filesystem clearly supports those characters, and the app supports my recreating those playlists by hand within foobar2000's playlist system. It just doesn't support parsing M3Us in Unicode.

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    Re: Unicode playlists

    This makes sense because m3u doesn't support unicode. But I get the same problem on Android and PC with m3u8 playlists which are encoded in utf-8.
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    Re: Unicode playlists

    Quote Originally Posted by chahzou View Post
    m3u doesn't support unicode.
    This is massive news to me, if true, and I doubt it. My copy of iTunes on Windows supports importing these M3U playlists, and that's despite the facts that:
    -Windows used to be the worst OS at unicode support.
    -iTunes is such an unbelievably godawful program, especially when it comes to support for 3rd-party playlist standards, that I cannot believe they added any extra functionality the format itself didn't already have.

    Plus I remember Poweramp could import my unicode playlists back when I was still on Android.

    Unless you mean M3U and M3U8 are different things, and only 8 supports unicode? In which case, I didn't know that difference was a thing, because every music program seems to handle that difference for me. And because every music program does that, I don't know why youi mentioned it.

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    Re: Unicode playlists

    I just got the info from Wikipedia and since changed the file extensions/encodings. But you're right, it's probably the program that decides whether it's supported in the end.
    Still, I get the same problem in Foobar2000 explicitly using M3U8.
    (I also noticed that the transfer speed of M3U8 files to my Android phone seems to be faster than M3U for me, which is also weird.)
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    Re: Unicode playlists

    I just tried changing the files in foobar's folder to .m3u8 just in case, and it didn't do anything.

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    Re: Unicode playlists

    The log on PC says: "could not enumerate tracks (Invalid path) on:" + garbled filename (for example &*402;&*402;&*8218;&*8218;&*402;). (That text just got garbled once more...)
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