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Thread: Replaygain scanner not working?

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    Replaygain scanner not working?

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Sky with Android version 6.0.1. I have tried at least eight times to use the Replaygain Scanner in the Foobar Mobile app for Android to standardize the volumes of my music (which is all on the SD card); each time it scans the entire library (over 3,000 songs), yet each time nothing changes; all my music sounds just like it did before I ran the scanner. After the most recent attempt (yesterday), I started poking around and looked under Tools/Console; there I found a huge number of tracks listed. Each one said the same thing: "could not update tags on file [name of file/track]...reason: access denied".
    I would really like to get my music volumes adjusted so I don't have the volumes all over the place. Any advice on what I might be doing wrong or overlooking?

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    Re: Replaygain scanner not working?

    Don't know enough about Android OS to advise as to why App is having permission issues.
    OTOH, this is quite an intensive chore for a phone battery to manage. You might consider having the Foobar200 desktop app or any other replay gain aware desktop app do the scanning.
    Trivial and fast.

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