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Thread: Replaygain scanner not working?

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    Re: Replaygain scanner not working?

    Yes, it works. Thanks for the advice. This is Android problem actually and the writing permission is almost always given like that - by selecting the folder in system picker, if available. The realisation in foobar2000 is not obvious though.

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    Re: Replaygain scanner not working?

    Hello, I don't understand. the folder you mentioned cannot be deleted. There is only 2 buttons on the right side of that folder: scan / on&off. So how can you delete it then?

    Quote Originally Posted by Secone00 View Post
    I also ran into these problems mentioned with the Android app, but was just now able to get around them.

    After letting it automatically scan for your music folder, I instead went to the media library options; removed the "Music on Internal Storage" folder it had automatically found, use the "Enter path manually..." button, then selected "Launch system folder picker", clicked on my device name, THEN selected the folder my music was in, I was able to write all the replay gain values to my songs. Hope this helps anyone else getting frustrated.

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