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    foobar mobile

    Hi. I am new to the forum and to using the mobile version of foobar (windows phone). Have been a fan of the desktop version for very long and am also a Music and sound quality lover. I have recently bought a Meridian Explorer 2 USB DAC wich can be used with a phone. I am also a subscriber of Tidal HIFI. Tidal has recently started releasing material in higher than CD quality. I Think it would be a great addition to the the mobile version of foobar with integration with streaming services like Tidal and Qoubuz. Android already has an app called USB player pro wich does this, but there is no such app for windows mobile. The meridian can "hardware unfold" MQA, wich is what Tidal is using to distribute High res material.
    J. Barkefors

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    Re: foobar mobile

    Higher than CD quality? If you mean Tidal's 24bit FLACs I must tell you that you fell for snake oil, because Tidal's 24bit FLAC use MQA which is a lossy audio codec, which ends up being as lower quality than CD.

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