Dear All,

I have followed this guide: "Transfer music to foobar2000 mobile over wi-fi with UPnP" posted by Peter on this forum (

This way of transferring from the PC to a phone is brilliant and everything seems to work fine. But I have not been able to resolve an issue. Maybe someone is able to help.

The issue is as follows. Imagine I create a plalist on my PC (I use foobar2000 v1.2.3). And this playlist looks like this:

Artist === Title/track === duration === etc
Rolling Stones === Start me up === 3 minutes ===
Cure === plain song === 5 minutes ===
Clash === magnificent 7 === 4 minutes ===

So the order of the songs is as shown above. I want the rolling stones, then Cure, then the Clash.
These songs come from different locations (folders) in my PC and they actually are in folders that contain the full albums of these artists. And when I transfer the playlist to my phone, the order of the songs follows the order of the tracks number in the album. So in this invested example, Start me up of the Rolling Stones is track 5 in the related album, while, Plain song is track 2, and magnificent seven is track 1. So the resulting playlist in the phone after the transfer is Clash first, Cure second and Rolling Stones third. The order has changed.
How to I control that? Without having to edit either the playlist in the phone, or edit the original files metadata (in this case track number) in the PC?
Is there a playlist song sequence indicator that I can create and is carried over to the phone?