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    songs order is changed in playlists when transferred to iPhone

    Dear All,

    I have used this guide ( and everything seems to work well. Indeed this is a fine piece of software.

    However I have one issue I have not been able to resolve. The order of the songs changes when the playlist is transferred to an iPhone.
    The following example may help.

    As from the image above, I have a playlist with a certain order on my PC foobar2000 v 1.3.2. The order of the song (considering the Artist/album of the first column) is Train, then Arcade fire, then Sylvan Esso. I own full albums of these artists.
    Now when I transfer this playlist on the iPhone, the order is changed. What I understand is that the order becomes alphabetical or, if there is a track number is follows that. When transferred to the phone the order then becomes: 1 Arcade Fire, 2 Sylvan Esso, 3 Train. But this is not clearly the order of the songs that I have in my playlist in the PC...

    Can I control this, without having to edit the playlist in the iPhone and without having to change the metadata on the original files in my PC?
    Any suggestions?

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