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Thread: Possible volume issue on Android

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    Possible volume issue on Android

    Android 1.1.5

    Lots of ways this issue is showing up. Quite confusing.

    One instance. Have a song playing.
    Track can have gain tags or not.
    Go into settings, Replay gain. The source mode and Processing can be set to anything you want.

    While song is playing move the pre amp sliders back and forth. I'm hearing increases and decreases in volume that do not seem to correspond to what would be expected.
    Play with these sliders and get it set to where the volume is lowered.
    Go back to the now playing screen with the default skin.
    Touch the track location marker control.
    VOLUME changes drastically.

    I noticed this first when I loaded various sample skins that have the volume control on the now playing screen.

    On a skin with a volume control, start a track playing.
    Mute and unmute the track.
    Volume will not return to where it was before mute. It will be lower [volume control marker does not move to show the lower volume].
    Touch the marker for playback location. VOLUME increases drastically.

    Quite strange. Anyone else have an install that exhibits this?

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    Re: Possible volume issue on Android

    Sorry, this should of went in support.
    Samsung Mega 6.3
    Kitkat 4.4.2

    Was using Foobar on it yesterday when a text notification came through.
    Foobar was playing and responded by zooming album art to cover the screen and all controls. Rough guess art was sized, 4, 5 times.
    Pulling down the notification bar and selecting foobar returned screen to normal.
    I going to delete beta and return to the released version and see how it goes.

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