I have enjoyed Foobar on Windows computers so excited to find the mobile app in the Apple store.

But I can't figure out how to transfer any music files to the 100 GB of free space on my iPhone or get Foobar to find them.

To start, I emailed an MP4 file to myself, but don't understand how to transfer it to any folder, or to get Foobar to find, see or play the file.

After 2 hours with Apple's tech support, their only suggestion was to download GarageBand. This created a folder into which we could finally save my test file. Also, it would play when tapped from the GarageBand folder - but not with Foobar.

Could anyone please walk me through the steps to get music files on my iPhone for playback using Foobar?

All I want is lean, mean playback on my physical device without having to rely on WiFi, mobile data, iTunes, the cloud etc.

Thanks for help.