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Thread: Deliver Us from iTunes (First Post / Windows Loyalist)

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    Deliver Us from iTunes (First Post / Windows Loyalist)

    I have enjoyed Foobar on Windows computers so excited to find the mobile app in the Apple store.

    But I can't figure out how to transfer any music files to the 100 GB of free space on my iPhone or get Foobar to find them.

    To start, I emailed an MP4 file to myself, but don't understand how to transfer it to any folder, or to get Foobar to find, see or play the file.

    After 2 hours with Apple's tech support, their only suggestion was to download GarageBand. This created a folder into which we could finally save my test file. Also, it would play when tapped from the GarageBand folder - but not with Foobar.

    Could anyone please walk me through the steps to get music files on my iPhone for playback using Foobar?

    All I want is lean, mean playback on my physical device without having to rely on WiFi, mobile data, iTunes, the cloud etc.

    Thanks for help.

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    Re: Deliver Us from iTunes (First Post / Windows Loyalist)

    - Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC
    - Open foobar on your iPhone and start the FTP Server (under Tools -> Utilities)
    - You can now browse the ftp server from Windows Explorer and copy your files in foobar music folder



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    Re: Deliver Us from iTunes (First Post / Windows Loyalist)


    Thank you so much. (So for starters, I didnt know you could connect an iPhone to a Windows machine but I have now done it via one of my USB ports....)

    After opening the app on the iPhone..
    and going to Tools...
    I can see FTP Server


    User name
    Password and

    and 2 toggle switches

    Allow write access and
    Server running

    Apologies I have no idea what to do from here.....the first music files I would like to get on the phone are living in a folder on my Windows desktop.

    Thanks so much.

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    Re: Deliver Us from iTunes (First Post / Windows Loyalist)

    Choose a username and password. Port 21 should be the default, IIRC. Then tick Server running.

    You should get a message "Server running at ...".

    Now open Windows Explorer, right/click on "This PC" -> Add network location

    When prompted for the network address, type what you see in the foobar message (eg., untick "Logon anonymously" and the rest should be easy.

    When you are connected to the ftp server, you'll see a "foobar2000 music folder" which contains a "Music" folder: you can copy/drag your tracks there.

    Btw, in the foobar2000 music folder you can also put the .fbskin files, in case you want to try a different UI.



    PS: the only little annoyance is that server address is never the same when you start the FTP server.

    PPS: connecting the iPhone is optional, having your PC and your iPhone are on the same network should be enough.
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    Re: Deliver Us from iTunes (First Post / Windows Loyalist)

    Since posting, I have traded my iPhone 7 for a Samsung Note 8 and I am enjoying a mobile device for the first time ever.

    Highly recommended for anyone not hypnotized by the iPhone's fascist and totalitarian "ecosystem".

    Alessandro, I have also become more familiar with adding the mobile device to my network and logging on through Windows as you described - thank you again.

    Following your steps I can now find the foobar folder and drag and drop WAV files from my desktop, which I have ripped using Foobar.

    An early concern was that playback of WAV files was quickly draining the battery on my phone?

    However, it seems closing other apps and turning off the screen conserves the battery life? This is fine when driving which is the main purpose of this setup for me.

    Otherwise and in any case, the approach and these files sound dramatically better than anything I have ever heard through iTunes - bravo!

    A few advancing beginner questions, please:

    1) I am also learning to "grab" the meta data from Foobar using the 10 track trial.

    This seems to work fine for Albums, Titles and Track names.

    However, when all the .WAV files are then dragged and dropped from my desktop into the Foobar folder on my mobile device, they don't seem to retain any particular order.

    Therefore from the same album don't seem to line up in any order.

    Therefore it is awkward to try and play an album in order? Or should I just create playlists for the tracks to restore the order of tracks for any album?

    2) The meta data also seems to grab the album covers which I can see as .jpg files.

    However, when I drag and drop those images into the Foobar folder, I can't see the album covers when using Foobar on my mobile device?

    Does the album artwork need to be copied into another location?

    3) Any other tips or tricks for organizing or playing back WAV files? My longer term goal will be to rip and organize everything and get rid of all the physical media.

    Thanks for all.

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    Re: Deliver Us from iTunes (First Post / Windows Loyalist)

    Apologies for the OT reply, but can I ask you why did you choose WAV format? AFAIK, you get no real benefits but only disadvantages.

    You should consider a lossless format like flac. For portable use you will probably notice no difference even using a lossy format. You will save a lot of space and have less problems tagging your files properly.

    If you want to know more and probably also find the answers to the above questions, try hydrogenaudio (beware though, sentences like "these files sound dramatically better than anything I have ever heard through iTunes" are not welcome there unless supported by scientific proof ).



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