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Thread: Total redesign of playlist creation

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    Total redesign of playlist creation

    When I first tried to create playlist in foobar mobile (on Android) that was so counterintuitive... I have suggestion how to improve this: simply copy functionalities of Sony's "Music" app which is built in on their Xperia's:
    - Playlists created from Media library viewer
    - Media library seen as a long list of files with checkboxes next to each one
    - special slider at the right edge for very quick scrolling through ML
    - "Save playlist" command visible at the top of screen - placed on the ribbon that hides when you scroll down and shows back when you scroll up
    - When playlist is ready :
    -- there is menu at the top, where one of available commands is "Edit" (but also "Rename", "Delete", etc.)
    -- when "Edit" command is chosen from this menu I see tracks from my playlist with checkboxes next to each other so I can delete them (nearly identical view as in ML)
    -- when editing playlist and seeing tracks on it, first element of playlist is big "+Add" command
    -- when I click on "+Add" I see again media library as list of files with checkboxes
    -- tracks on playlist may be dragged to reorder playlist - tracks should have some visual handles next to checkbox to make it happen.

    You can upgrade it with adding "Select all" and "Select none" commands when any of these lists are displayed.

    Because of these playlists I still use Sony's "Music" app. I use foobar only when I want to listen shuffle tracks. When I need certain mood and thus playlist I go to "Music" app. If "Music" would support ReplayGain I would simply abandon foobar mobile... RG is the only nice feature of foobar mobile for me...

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    Re: Total redesign of playlist creation

    I see now that in general first point from my list is present in the app, but it isn't properly introduced. It's counterintuitive... When I choose "Create new playlist" I am not asked to choose name for playlist... I have to go to playlist section and rename it there... What a nonsense!
    Plus the fact that I can't choose several files using checkboxes to create playlist is a serious pain... I have to click 50 times context menu... :-/ . Seriously? I can't believe this is done by same dev team as desktop version...

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