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Thread: File operations (at least just "Delete from storage")

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    File operations (at least just "Delete from storage")

    Another wonderful thing about Sony's "Music" app is its ability to delete certain file from mass storage device. It is available there when viewing playlist (NOT editing it NOR viewing Media Library). Not so intuitive...
    I would welcome to have such option in foobar mobile. But it should be present in ML view in first instance - as long-press menu command. Then when long pressing on file during editing playlist (adding files) - editing in the way described in my topic about redesign of playlist creation/editing scheme.

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    Re: File operations (at least just "Delete from storage")

    I would find that useful as well.

    Typically I transfer a large number of albums to my phone at one time. Then over the next couple of weeks I listen to them. When I have finished listening to an album, it would be nice to be able to delete the files. Then as the list gets shorted I would remember that I am going to need to copy some new music to my phone sooner than later.


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