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    foobar2000 for Android readme

    For current version information and a list of changes, please scroll below.

    Want to test beta versions? Sign up here.

    Android 4.0 or newer.
    Phone or tablet device.
    Some of older Android devices are supported by older versions of foobar2000 mobile.

    First run
    The initial screen will show you the indexed library tree. At the bottom of the list, you can access the Music folder for folder & file name based browsing of uploaded content.
    The library content may take a few minutes to populate - foobar2000 may take a while to discover your entire library content on first run.

    Having trouble using it?
    Check foobar2000 mobile usage tips thread for common problems and solutions:

    Supported audio formats
    • Popular lossy formats:
      MP3, MP4/M4A, Musepack (MPC), Ogg Vorbis, Opus
    • Popular lossles formats:
      FLAC, WavPack (WV), Apple Lossless (ALAC)
    • Utility formats:
    • Module formats (yep we mean it):
      MOD, S3M, XM, IT and many more
    • Video game music formats (yep we really mean it):
      PSF, PSF2, QSF, USF, GSF
    • Archive formats:
      ZIP, 7-zip, RAR

    FFmpeg is used for decoding of: AAC, MP3, Vorbis, APE, TAK and WMA.
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    Change log

    Current stable version is: 1.1.45

    Version 1.1.45, 2019-05-26
    • Regression fixes.

    Version 1.1.44, 2019-05-21
    • Android TV accessibility fixes
    • Fixed wrong indexing of discnumber tags padded with zeros - you might need to remove disable/enable affected folders for this to take full effect
    • Fixed bugs with "show non-audio files in folders"

    Version 1.1.43, 2019-05-14
    • New first run experience with prompts for music location and music transfer options.
    • TuneFUSION usability improvements.
    • Fixed crash on dropped FTP connection.
    • Added x86_64 build.

    Version 1.1.42, 2019-05-06
    • Fixed crash bugs from the previous update.
    • Added x86_64 build.

    Version 1.1.41, 2019-05-02
    • First run help screens (theme choice, music folders setup).
    • Various visual fixes.

    Version 1.1.40, 2019-04-24
    • TuneFUSION stability improvements.
    • Reworked Media Library page for better usability on small-screen devices.

    Version 1.1.39, 2019-04-18
    • New TuneFUSION user interface.
    • Reworked FTP server page for better usability on small-screen devices.

    Version 1.1.38, 2019-04-10
    • Resolved a disagreement between TuneFUSION and Android's power management - stay on the TuneFUSION page while syncing to keep device forcibly awake until sync is finished.
    • When setting TuneFUSION up with user-specified media folder, you will be prompted to clear the folder first, if it's not empty.

    Version 1.1.37, 2019-03-26
    • Fixed some WMA files being falsely reported as DRM-protected
    • Added cover art display for WMA

    Version 1.1.35, 2019-03-21
    • Workaround for truncated notifications on ChromeOS

    Version 1.1.33, 2019-03-11
    • Fixed crashing when using button widgets

    Version 1.1.32, 2019-03-06
    • Stability improvements

    Version 1.1.31, 2019-02-27
    • Widget & notification appearance updated

    Version 1.1.30, 2019-02-20
    • Widgets reworked
    • Fixed 1.1.29 regression with blank browse view after screen orientation change

    Version 1.1.29, 2019-02-18
    • Improved handling of files with missing title tags
    • Crashbug fixes
    • FTP client & server compatibility fixes
    • Added home screen widgets

    Version 1.1.28, 2019-02-02
    • Fixed a bug causing UPnP views not to load more than 100 items
    • Improved icon for Android 8 and up.
    • Fixed artist image propagation from multi-artist albums.
    • Added a button to view media library scanning error log.
    • Fixed CPU usage / battery drain bugs with "read ahead" options.

    Version 1.1.26, 2019-01-02
    • HTTP client (network shares, internet radio) bugs fixed
    • Internal debug logging improvements

    Version 1.1.24, 2018-11-14
    • Fixed a bug causing poor performance when browsing HTTP folders.
    • Improved Equalizer page.

    Version 1.1.23, 2018-11-13
    • Crash bugs fixed.

    Version 1.1.22, 2018-10-31
    • Fixed bugs related to renaming folders.
    • Fixed a crash bug.
    • Fixed TuneFUSION compatibility issues with Android SD card filesystem.

    Version 1.1.18, 2018-07-17
    • TuneFUSION sync support (beta)
    • Bug fixes

    Version 1.1.17, 2018-06-14
    • Fixed a Media Library regression resulting in missing cover art.
    • Fixed various operations resulting in rescanning of all Media Library folders. These now only rescan the affected folder.
    • Can add folders to Media Library using system folder picker again.
    • Improved FTP client compatibility with certain devices.

    Version 1.1.16, 2018-05-24
    • Fixed Media Servers page bugs

    Version 1.1.15, 2018-05-15
    • FTP compatibility fixes.
    • Fixed a lockup when reading specific SPC files.

    Version 1.1.13, 2018-04-11
    • PNG now used for caching resized images - no more JPEG artifacts in album art.
    • FTP client fixes.
    • Attempted fix for unexpected shutdowns when playing in background.

    Version 1.1.11, 2018-04-04
    • Fixed erratic behavior of internal volume control
    • Fixed regressions in the Media Servers page, long tapping items works again
    • Cosmetic fixes

    Version 1.1.10, 2018-03-29
    • Playlist manipulation performance and bug fixes.
    • Better feedback when failing to play a DRM protected WMA file.
    • FTP/HTTP networking fixes.

    Version 1.1.9, 2018-03-22
    • Fixed HTTP client regression from 1.1.8.

    Version 1.1.8, 2018-03-21
    • Reworked Media Library - will need to rescan your music on first run.
    • Added the ability to put remote resources - such as FTP folders - in media library.
    • Can now rescan individual library folders on demand; remote folders not rescanned unless explicitly requested.
    • Faster media indexing - multiple folders will be indexed concurrently.
    • FTP client and server bug fixes.

    Version 1.1.5, 2017-12-23
    • Added Equalizer DSP
    • Up to date with latest foobar2000 desktop decoder codebase
    • Updated DUMB module decoder to latest
    • Rewritten media server browser, now integrated with user-specified server management, removed now obsolete media servers settings page
    • Required system version is now Android 4.0 (API 14)
    • Implemented drag&drop reordering in playlists and DSP manager
    • More FiiO device compatibility hacks

    Version 1.0.94, 2017-09-05
    • Fixed another Media Library bug causing high CPU usage.

    Version 1.0.93, 2017-09-04
    • Fixed 1.0.89 media library regression causing unnecessary file access

    Version 1.0.92, 2017-08-29
    • Fixed incorrect behavior after reordering playlist items
    • Improved appearance of no-song-playing notification

    Version 1.0.91, 2017-08-17
    • Fixed a lockup bug
    • Improved media library scanning performance in some cases

    Version 1.0.90, 2017-08-13
    • Various visual glitches fixed
    • Fixed various rare crash bugs
    • Fixed missing tap+hold context menu on album headers

    Version 1.0.89, 2017-08-07
    • Fixed Media Library bug causing spurious file access on some configurations - in particular when using modern folder picker which already made things slow.
    • Media Library performance optimizations.

    Version 1.0.88, 2017-08-01
    • Fixed internet radio track titles not working regression
    • Fixed various crash bugs reported thru Google Play, thanks to everyone who did submit diagnostic data

    Version 1.0.87, 2017-07-27
    • Public version has now full features, removed 'lite' status.
    • Added startup prompt in case of missing storage access permissions.
      If you had trouble accessing your SD card since 1.0.83, this should be now fixed.
    • Updated Android TV manifest - should now install on Android TV devices.

    Version 1.0.86, 2017-07-21
    • Various crash bugs reported via Google Play telemetry have been fixed
    • Stuck decoder can no longer make the app responsive when stopping playback

    Version 1.0.83/1.0.84, 2017-07-15
    • Added experimental Android TV support
    • Improved notification appearance, on Android 7.x in particular
    • Menu button for playback screen menu works again
    • Prevented certain playback control key events from being registered twice
    • Fixed MediaSession interop bugs - better interop with Android Autio / AnyAutoAudio, bluetooth speakers, etc.
    • Right-to-left language display fixes
    • Various crash bugs fixed

    Version 1.0.82, 2017-06-29
    • Prevented playback restart when reordering inactive DSPs
    • Made FTP server startup failures shown properly - now stays "off" if so
    • UPnP discovery and browsing tweaks
    • Fixed some "advanced search" fields not being picked by database - folder add/remove cycle needed.
    • Improved auto "hide duplicate tracks" feature
    • Cleaned up handling of play/pause/fastforward/rewind buttons
    • Fixed wrong-track-played-from-search
    • Improved downloader behaviors when dealing with uncommon filename characters.
    • Added an advanced settings option to disable monitoring of music folders for changes.
    • Added an advanced settings option to disable splitting of artist names by "feat." etc.
    • Fixed crash when toggling shuffle/repeat when stopped.
    • Many workarounds for FiiO X5 3gen firmware bugs.
    • Added "share this folder only" mode in FTP server.
    • Fixed wrong track duration info passed to MediaSession.
    • Reworked folder picking again - the old (efficient) folder picker is shown by default again, with modern one as fallback. Modern picker used in contexts where write access is essential.
    • Implemented missing volume control with OpenSL output.
    • Many cosmetic tweaks.

    Version 1.0.79/1.0.80, 2017-05-31
    • Fixed album count calculation glitch.
    • Fixed random crashing on Asus FonePad, possibly other x86 devices too.
    • Fixed FTP being inaccessible on some devices when the system is giving us nonsensical file modification times.
    • Public version: see also previous change log entries since 1.0.71

    Version 1.0.78, 2017-05-26
    • Made ourselves recognized by the Android system as a music player, so starting 'play' button on your headset should start fb2k now
    • Further fixes to external storage handling.
      Use of 'old folder picker' should not ever be needed again. All slow-browsing cases should now be fixed - unless accessing folders that cannot be accessed with the old folder picker at all.
    • Added an option not to hide files/folders with names starting with a dot.
    • Fixed horrible bug with Unicode in search queries.
    • Made files without an 'album' tag possible to locate when browsing by genre.
    • Fixed text truncation issues in skin rendering.

    Version 1.0.76, 2017-05-24
    • Fixed silly but amusing bug in audio focus handling, regaining audio focus no longer starts playback when it should not
    • File type registration improvements - should now appear as available default player on modern Android versions
    • Added menu button handling on playback screen
    • Fixed "style" metadata field not being read (need to reindex library to take effect)
    • Track number field handling fixes
    • Fixed UPnP browsing regression crash
    • Changed the way UPnP content list retrieval works, hopefully for better compatibility with specific servers

    Version 1.0.74, 2017-05-22
    • Fixed missing playback=>browse screen transition when using ... commands in the playback screen
    • Greatly improved image loading performance
    • Auto detected internal/external storage folders are back in the main page, opt-out.
    • .nomedia folder exclusion is now opt-out.
    • Improved performance of default audio output mode (AudioTrack) on Lollipop and newer.
    • Notification appearance tweaks
    • Fixed missing playback resume after a phone call.
    • Experimental performance fixes with modern folder picker vs media library. Please test media library behaviors with modern folder picker again.
    • Folder browsing tweaks, non audio files (if enabled) shown in a separate group
    • UPnP-streaming of Opus files from foo_upnp now works.
    • UPnP discovery tweaks, server list should popuplate much quicker now.

    Version 1.0.71 / 1.0.72, 2017-05-12
    • Non-beta version (1.0.71): see also 1.0.70 changes below
    • Fixed stuck media library indexing bug after quitting by repeated-back-button
    • Fixed some more picture resizing quality issues

    Version 1.0.70, 2017-05-11
    • Fixed swipe vs seekbar/volumebar interaction.
    • Improved folder browsing performance.
    • Fixed hidden files (prefixed with dot) being shown where they should not be when browsing by folder.
    • Fixed cases where media library would not index the requested folder, even though folder browsing worked fine.
    • For troubleshooting, an advanced option has been added to use the old folder picker instead of the new one.
      This option appears only on Android Lollipop and newer as the feature is inactive on older system versions.
      Enabling this restores old (pre-1.0.66) fb2k behaviors regarding file access. For this to take full effect you need to remove and re-add affected library folders.

    Version 1.0.67 / 1.0.68, 2017-05-08
    • Changes from 1.0.66 beta finally available to everyone, read below for full list.
    • Prevented FTP server shutdown on screen orientation change.
    • Edit box behavior tweaks, prevented autocorrect when entering media server URLs and such.
    • Improved compatibility with lockscreen and remote control events on Android 5 and newer.
    • Worked around TAK format seeking glitches in FFmpeg.
    • Fixed missing metadata when making playlists with tracks not indexed by the Media Library.
    • Fixed stall when trying to back out of loading a large list of UPnP items.
    • Improved UPnP compatibility with servers giving wrong content-type for M4A files (Universal Media Server).

    Version 1.0.66 - beta only, 2017-05-02
    • Support for reading and writing of all external storage types. You may need to remove a library folder and add it back to gain write access.
    • Adding folders now uses standard system folder picker where available.
    • Fixed various image resizing quality issues.
    • Much improved swiping between browse and playback.
    • Fixed crash on skin change on Android 2.x
    • Skin picker now uses system file picker dialog if available
    • Library folders now have on/off switches to toggle indexing - you can have certain folder appear in browse tree (and FTP server) without indexing files inside.
    • FTP client (downloader) and FTP server fixes.

    Version 1.0.63/1.0.64, 2017-04-14
    • FTP server fixes.
    • Folders containing .nomedia files are now excluded from indexing.
    • Fixed incompatibility with certain very old devices (1.0.61 regression).
    • Fixed some cosmetic glitches
    • Fixed first run glitches, foobar2000 music folder is now created reliably on first run.
    • Smaller distribution size, you only get binaries relevant to your device instead of all binaries packed into one APK.

    Version 1.0.61/1.0.62, 2017-04-06
    • Greatly improved FTP browsing performance over 1.0.60
    • More reliable remembering of scroll position across various views
    • Folder browsing: different message when the folder is empty vs the folder contains invisible files
    • New supported formats: TAK [FFmpeg], APE [FFmpeg], WMA [Media Foundation & FFmpeg]
    • Updated FFmpeg to 3.2.4
    • FTP browser treats "@recycle" etc as hidden
    • Fixed folder browsing losing now-playing track status when leaving & reentering a folder.
    • Decoding speed test page tweaks
    • Fixed generic progress dialog bugs - affecting mainly decoding speed tester
    • Now compiled with latest R14 NDK

    Version 1.0.60, 2017-03-13
    • FTP browsing/playback feature - add FTP servers in "media servers" page.

    Version 1.0.55/1.0.56, 2016-12-21
    • FTP server: now available to everyone, not just beta users.
    • FTP server: improved compatibility with various FTP clients.
    • Tools menu structure cleanups.
    • Skinning: New image entries: iconadd, iconremove, iconsliders, iconspeaker, iconmenu, iconlist; default black/white skin images are used if a custom skin is missing some of the new functionality.
    • ReplayGain scanner can now show what albums or tracks are missing ReplayGain info.
    • Refreshed user-specified UPnP server list page functionality.
    • Creating a new playlist now initiates playlist rename.
    • Fixed a skin rendering glitch causing white skin buttons to visible have gray fringe bars on some devices.
    • Enabled app-private music folder feature, in case you do not wish to let any other apps access your music.
    • Fixed various file type registration handling bugs.

    Version 1.0.51/1.0.52, 2016-11-24
    • FTP server updates [beta only for now]
    • Fixed UPnP incompatibility with MinimServer

    Version 1.0.50, 2016-11-21 - beta-only update
    • New feature: FTP server for easily manipulating your music library
    • Fixed bugs related to handling of files with : characters in names
    • Fixed artist pictures not being picked from compilation albums

    Version 1.0.47/1.0.48, 2016-10-29
    • "Play location" now hides soft keyboard on dismiss
    • Added OpenSL ES output mode, opt-in via advanced settings
    • Added website / forum / support links to the about page
    • Fixed user interface lockup when attempting to play UPnP or internet radio from an unresponsive server
    • Fixed certain Ogg files with strangely formatted tags being unreadable
    • Fixed missing context menu for search results

    Version 1.0.43/1.0.44, 2016-10-13
    • Fixed many many playlist manipulation bugs
    • Added "create playlist" commands
    • Made possible to add items to playlist from "Play location"
    • Updated WavPack library, now possible to play WavPack 5 DSD files
    • Tapping blank seekbar on nonseekable files no longer restarts the song
    • Fixed playback getting stuck during too frequent sample rate or channel count changes

    Version 1.0.39/1.0.40, 2016-10-05
    • Playlist manipulation, create and edit playlists on your device
    • Ability to index folders of externally-made M3U playlists for your music library.
    • Reworked Media Library preferences page.
    • Many many bug fixes.

    Version 1.0.35/1.0.36, 2016-07-15
    • Added wifi multicast lock - which appears to be required for UPnP discovery to work on some devices, hence change in permissions
    • Rewrote folder picker dialog ( for library settings and downloader )
    • Fixed crash when using [frame] in a skin
    • Added https playback support for internet radio

    Version 1.0.29/1.0.30, 2016-06-18
    • Added stop after current feature
    • Repeat / shuffle / stop after current are now accessible via skin elements; default skin provides shuffle/repeat controls
    • Smarter shuffle vs non-repeat behavior when manually started playback from specific track
    • Fixed DSP reordering bugs
    • Implemented skin-controlled volume control; added fallback tools items for volume control since not every skin has a volume slider

    Version 1.0.27/1.0.28, 2016-06-11
    • Added playback order controls, shuffle and repeat modes
    • Made the next track visible to the skin
    • Grid album view is now text+image by default, image-only is opt-in
    • Made duplicate tracks hidden by default when browsing
    • Various utility advanced preferences options added
    • Skin rendering bug fixes

    Version 1.0.25/1.0.26, 2016-05-30
    • Fixed startup crash when moved to external storage on Android 6.x

    Version 1.0.23/1.0.24, 2016-05-20
    • Improved pause performance with formats that are slow to seek
    • Added filetype registration for various supported media files as well as playlist files
    • Made possible to browse all found storage devices by folder even if they're not music library folders
    • Support for M3U and PLS playlists
    • Support for internet radio using M3U and PLS playlists from web browser

    Version 1.0.21/1.0.22, 2016-05-13
    • Various crashes fixed.
    • Fixed context menu "last active view" regression.
    • Re-formatted smaller notification layout a bit.
    • Rewritten skin picker semantics, should have no trouble locating user-made skins now.

    Version 1.0.20, 2016-05-09
    • First public preview version
    • Tweaked notification layout some more
    • First run experience media library status display tweaks
    • Fixed grid view glitches on Android 2.3

    Version 1.0.19, 2016-05-05
    • FFmpeg updated to 3.0.2
    • Added FFmpeg version info to about box
    • More crash bug fixes

    Version 1.0.18, 2016-05-03
    • Reworked notification appearance, now with better playback controls and a close button
    • Crash bug fixes
    • Major updates to st3play, minor to ft2play, major to playptmod
    • Inclusion of all the PSF derivatives supported by iOS already
    • Inclusion of archive support

    Version 1.0.16, 2016-04-15
    • Much more verbose console logging
    • Fixed playback view incorrectly rendering playback time values longer than 1 hour
    • Made dragging ReplayGain preamp sliders interrupt playback less

    Version 1.0.15, 2016-03-30
    • Grid view for albums is now enabled by default
    • Added confirm-before-delete when browsing folders
    • Better info display when playing module files

    Version 1.0.14, 2016-03-17
    • Fixed "skip silence" DSP crash
    • Module files are now much faster to open, but non seekable and do not show length
    • Prettier handling of non-seekable files (seekbar disabled)
    • Added "Reset" button to settings of individual DSPs
    • Made changing DSP settings interrupt playback less often
    • Made album grid view use skin provided images
    • Improved browse view album header looks on tablet devices

    Version 1.0.13, 2016-03-11
    • Fixed skin element position calculation glitch, was mainly visible on low-DPI devices.
    • Module playback works again. Got lost with toolchain changes a while ago.
    • When browsing filesystem folders, last seen folder is now remembered across app instances.
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